Bronze, Silver & Gold are the finish applied to the item,  and not the                               metal  they are made of, unless specified.

The Best Quality Die-struck Reproduction        Awards and Badges Available

British, German, Italian,Russian, Spanish, US Forces, Camo,          Badges and Equipment. UFA Studios Film Stars.

     VC,  Spanish, KVK, Luftwaffe, HJ, Nurnberg, Fire, Flags  Cameras, Books,  UFA Film Stars, Knights Cross, Daggers, British, German &  Russian Badges,   NSFK, SS, SA, Party Badges, Fritz Todt, German Motor Sports, 1936-1939  & 1944 Wound    Badges, EK 1914-1939 & 1957, RK 1957. Oakleaves. German Prussian, Imperial                              Awards & Badges from 1800’s to 1914


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